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* $2.00 per hour at the Redondo Beach Marina Parking Lot and the City Parking Structure on Harbor Drive at Pacific Avenue (at the Finish Line), access until 6:30am.

** Additional parking at the Redondo Beach Pier Parking Structure on Torrance Blvd. at the Pier, hourly rate; also closes at 6:30am BOTH parking lots re-open at 10am NO EXIT between 6:30am and 10am.



  1. Redondo Beach Marina*
    Located at 181 N. Harbor Dr., across from the Crowne Plaza Hotel (at the finish line), $2.00 per hour ($5 daily maximum)
  2. Redondo Beach Pier parking structure**
    Located at 100 W. Torrance Blvd., where Torrance Blvd. meets the sea, $0.50 per 20 minutes ($5 daily maximum)
  3. Redondo Beach Plaza parking structure
    Located at 180 N. Harbor Dr. at Pacific Ave. (at the finish line) $0.50 per 20 minutes ($5 daily maximum)
  4. Redondo Beach High School at Vincent
    Located at 200 N. Pacific Coast Hwy at the corner of PCH and Vincent, Free parking, (no shuttle service)
  5. Redondo Beach High School at Diamond
    Located at Diamond between Garnsey St. and Del Amo, Free parking, (no shuttle service)
  6. 10K Parking at Crowne Plaza
    Located at the start line of the race, will be flat $10 prepaid (as enter). Must be in prior to street closing, approx. 6AM.